October 2023: Salmonid conservation – The need for marine and freshwater approaches

Numerous fish species migrate or move between freshwater, estuarine and marine water as part of their life cycle (e.g. Atlantic salmon, trout, European eel, sturgeon, and shad) and are impacted by anthropogenic activities occurring in all three environments. Over the past four decades, drastic declines in these migratory diadromous fish have been observed. Unfortunately, as a result of their diadromous lifestyles (migrating between freshwater and the marine environment), these fish often get forgotten about, even though they are of national and international concern.

Dr Sophie Elliott and Dylan Roberts from the GWCT Fisheries team presented findings from research on these species in both their freshwater and marine environments and potential measures that could safeguard them from further decline such as mechanisms to improve water quality and ways to improve data collection at sea, reduce bycatch, and get more out of our MPAs.


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